CIS 751, Fall 2007

Computer and Information Security

Course Goals

This course aims at providing a comprehensive understanding of computer and information security. The course materials cover basic cryptography, access control, authentication, authorization, network security, software security, and social aspects of security. Not only mechanisms for enhancing security will be taught, a great deal of the course is also to discuss when and where things can go wrong and how design flaws in a system can be exploited to compromise security. Common attack techniques will be introduced and students will have the opportunity to work on course projects that cover both the defense and offense aspects in cyber space. The goal of the course is to provide a solid theoretical foundation for computer and information security, and hands-on experience in applying the theory to practice. Interesting research topics can also be derived from course projects.

Course Schedule

Instructor and course meeting times

Instructor: Xinming (Simon) Ou.
Meeting time: Monday 3:30-5:10 and Friday 3:30-4:20, at Nichols 127
Office hours:> Fri, 2-3, Nichols 316B


Basic understanding of computer systems, including operating systems, networks, compilers, etc. This is a course that primarily targets graduate students and junior/senior-level undergraduate students in computer science and computer engineering.


You will complete several assignments during the semester. An assignment could be a written homework, a programming project, or a reading task. For every assignment, you have two weeks to finish. At the end of the semester, you must also turn in a final report that focuses on a particular problem in the field of security. The topics for the report will be given out throughout the course. You are also welcome to come up with your own idea on what to write about in the report, but please discuss it with the instructor before you start working on it. There is also a mid-term exam and possibly quizzes in classes. The purpose of the exam and quizzes is to make sure you understand the materials presented in the lectures and in the reading tasks. The break down of the final score of the course is:


Questions can be emailed to xou (put some stuff here) ksu (a little dot) edu.