KSU CIS553/753: Applied Cryptography

Spring 2015 Schedule

This schedule is approximate and subject to adjustment.
Week Tuesday Thursday
Jan 19 Introduction, Slides.
Information Theory I, Slides. Handout.
Information Theory II. Slides.
Homework 1.
Jan 26 Perfect Secrecy. Slides. Classical Cipher I. Slides. Homework 2
Feb 2 No class (Simon out of town) Classical Cipher II.
Feb 9 Algebraic Structures I. Slides. Algebraic Structures II. Slides. Homework 3
Feb 16 Components of Modern Block Ciphers.
Slides .
Data Encryption Standard (DES). Slides.
Feb 23 Guest lecture by Pavithra Prabhakar.
Programming project 1. Sample inputs and outputs.
AES. Slides.
Symmetric Cipher Modes. Slides.
March 2 Modern Stream Cipher. Slides. No classs (Simon out of town).
March 9 Midterm review. No classs (Simon out of town).
March 16 Spring break.
March 23 Midterm Exam Introduction to Public-key Cryptography.
Mathematical Background. Slides.
March 30 RSA crypto system (continued). Guest lecture by Scott Sader, Information Security Manager, FHLBank Topeka.
Programming project 2: RSA. Due: April 16
April 6 Midterm review. Attacks on RSA. Lecture Note.
April 13 Attacks on RSA (continued).
Rabin crypto system.
Lecture Note 1, Lecture Note 2.
Homework 4.
April 20 ElGamal crypto system. Slides Elliptic curve
April 27 Cryptographic hash functions. Slides.
Homework 5
Message Authentication Code. Slides.
Digital Signature. Slides.
May 4 Digital Signature (continued).
Sony's PlayStation 3 incorrect digital signature implementation.
Final review. Slides.