KSU CIS553/753: Applied Cryptography

Spring 2013 Schedule

This schedule is approximate and subject to adjustment.
Week Tuesday Thursday
Jan 21 Introduction. Slides. Information theory. Slides. Homework 1
Jan 28 Information theory (continued). Perfect secrecy.
Feb 4 One-time pad, unicity distance. Slides. Homework 2 Classical Cipher.
Feb 11 Classical Cipher (continued). Algebraic Structures.
Feb 18 Algebraic Structures (continued). Homework 3 No class (campus closed).
Feb 25 Algebraic Structures (continued). Finite Field. Homework 4
March 4 Components of Modern Block Cipher. Slides . Data Encryption Standard (DES). Slides.
Programming project 1
Sample inputs and outputs
March 11 Homework/quizz review. Northrop Grumman visit, no class.
March 18 Spring break, no class Spring break, no class
March 25 Midterm exam AES. Slides.
April 1 Introduction to public-key crypto
Mathematical background
RSA crypto system
April 8 Mid-term exam review.
Homework 5
RSA key-generation algorithm
April 15 Primality test
Programming project 2: RSA
Due: April 30
ElGamal crypto system.
April 22 Elliptic curve Symmetric cipher modes. Slides
Cryptographic hash functions. Slides
April 29 Message Authentication Code. Slides Digital Signature
May 6 Digital Signature (continued).
Sony's PlayStation 3 incorrect digital signature implementation.
SSH Protocol and exam review.
Reading material for SSH.