KSU CIS553/753: Applied Cryptography

Spring 2012 Schedule

This schedule is approximate and subject to adjustment.
Week Tuesday Thursday
Jan 16 Introduction. Information theory. Slides.
Homework 1
Jan 23 Information theory (continued) Information theory (continued)
Jan 30 Information theory and basic cryptography. Perfect secrecy and one-time pad. Slides. Homework 2
Feb 6 No class. Classical Cipher I.
Feb 13 Classical Cipher II. Mathematical background. Homework 3
Feb 20 Introduction to modern encryption systems. Guest lecture by Ray Vaughn. Slides
Feb 27 Substitution Permutation Network (SPN). Simon out of town to RMCCDC. No lecture.
March 5 Data Encryption Standard (DES). Slides.
Programming project 1
Sample inputs and outputs
Mathematical Background.
March 12 Mathematical Background. AES. Slides
March 19 Spring break Spring break
March 26 Midterm exam Modern symmetric ciphers. Slides
April 2 Introduction to public-key crypto Mathematical background
April 9 RSA crypto system RSA algorithms
April 16 Primality test Rabin crypto system
Programming project 2: RSA
April 23 RSA assignment Q&A Cryptographic hash functions. Slides
May 1 Message Authentication Code. Slides Digital Signature