Vox Audio File Conversion

Vox and devox is a program I wrote in 1997 when I work at Sprint to convert audio files between OKI ADPCM (Dialogic vox) file format and linear audio files, which work with PC audio hardware. Originally, I posted the code to ftp://sunsite.unc.edu/pub/Linux/apps/sound/convert/vox.tar.gz.

Conversions to/from other formats can be accomplished with sox.

Other than corrections submitted by users, no current development work is going on with the vox program. It is believed to do its intended job. I am no longer working in the voice processing industry.

The Standard

I originally wrote the program based on a description of the algorithm found in the book "PC Telephony - The complete guide to designing, building and programming systems using Dialogic and Related Hardware" by Bob Edgar, pg 272-276, third edition, 1995, Flatiron Publishing, Inc., New York. Relavent pages are shown here (scanned). I think the book is out of print, so hopefully listing a few pages from the book is okay.

Page 272, Page 273, Page 274, Page 275, Page 276.

Since then I found that Dialogic published a standard for the ADPCM algorithm. Here is the standard, as once posted on Dialogic's web page. I don't know if they still post the standard.

Disclaimer: (dated 6/26/2003) A few people have pointed out to me that there is a minor difference between my program and the Dialogic standard. The difference relates to how the step size is calculated. The difference is also reflected in Edgar's text, which my code is based on. I don't how or why the difference arouse. I have two comments about said difference:

  1. I might be able work on a new version of the program which will match the Dialogic standard; however, since I am not in the voice processing industry, I don't have any hardware to use to test the new code. If you have some hardware and are willing to help with testing, let me know.
  2. The differences seem to be fairly minor. If you just want to be able to do simple conversions for listening purposes, my code as it is will work for you. If you require exact conversion, then my code may not be what you want.

Clipping problem solved?

vox and devox, have always work fine normally. But in some cases, sound files recorded with Dialogic hardware were clipped or distorted when converted to linear (devox) with the original program.

One solution to the problem was to scale the output file down a little. Joe Carter came up with this solution. See devox.c lines 204 to 209. This work around was removed when the believed real source of the problem was found.

Frank van Dijk pointed out that I had an error in the conversion from 16 bit to 12 bit samples in adpcm.c. The code was modified on March 30, 2004 to reflect this fix (version 1.1). Hopefully this finally fixes the clipping problem.

Joe Carter's page dealing with audio file codecs may be of interest.

Other updates

Jason Armistead pointed out that there was one inconsistency between the algorithm implementation and the standard. The second to the last value in the step size is 1411 in the standard. However, Edgar's book lists this value as 1408, which was the value used in adpcm.c. The value was changed in the source code on 3/17/2003.

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