Special characters in html

In addition to text and punctuation, there are a huge variety of special characters that can be used in an html document. You can go to http://www.chami.com/tips/internet/050798i.html to see a full list.

Some web browsers are unable to display all these characters, some of which are needed for the CIS301 lecture notes. So, I made two versions of the notes: one version for ``smart'' web browsers that can display all the html characters, and one version for browsers that cannot.

Test your browser like this:

  1. First, Exit your browser and restart it. This empties the character-set cache so that your browser has room to process new characters.
  2. Return to this web page and look at the table below. If the characters in the ``Smart'' column display correctly, then you can read and download the ``smart'' (``S'') versions of the notes. If you see only dots or blobs or little squares in the ``Smart'' column, then use the ``Text'' (``T'') version of the notes.
character Smart Text
and &
or v
not ¬ -
implies —> -->
forall ALL
exists EXISTS
entails |− |-
equiv −||− -||-
bot _|_

A final comment: All the program fragments in the ``Text'' version of the lecture notes are executable Python programs that can be copied, pasted, and used as is. If you forgot what Python is, see http://www.cis.ksu.edu/~schmidt/200s08.