Minimum-sized AVL Trees

Below is an applet for creating AVL trees of a specified height, using the fewest number of nodes possible.

Warning: The number of nodes increases exponentially with the height; hence, this applet uses exponential time and space. For this reason, heights no greater than 20 are recommended.


It is possible, for a variety of reasons, that the above applet might not run on your browser. For this reason (or others), you might wish to download the applet and run it as an application. Assuming you at least the Java 2 runtime environment installed on your machine, you will first need to download viewer.jar (27K - look here for more information on this package). Then you will need to download minAVL.jar (4K) to the same directory. From that directory, you may run the program by issuing the command:

java -jar minAVL.jar
On Windows, you may also run the program by double-clicking the icon for minAVL.jar. Source Files: Both of the above files are JAR archives, which may be unpacked with either jar (a tool that comes with Java) or WinZip.

Last updated April 5, 2000.

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