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Below is an applet for creating and manipulating Binary Search Trees, AVL Trees, Red-Black Trees, AA-Trees, Splay Trees, Tries, and Patricia Tries. Select one of the choices from the choice box, and press the Start button. This will open a window in which the tree can be created.


To create and manipulate a tree, enter any string in the text field in the upper left-hand corner, and press either the Put button to add that string as a key to the tree, or the Remove button to remove that key from the tree. The keys will be maintained in lexicographic order. The Back and Forward buttons allow you to move through the history of your tree construction. The Clone button opens a new window with an exact copy of the tree and history in your current window; the tree in this window can then be manipulated independently.

Important Note: This applet treats all keys as strings. You may enter numbers, but be aware that they will be treated as strings (e.g., "10" < "5"). Virtually all of the questions I've received regarding this program have reflected a misunderstanding of this fact.

Last updated January 12, 2006.

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