Heap Viewer

Below is an applet for creating and manipulating Binary Heaps, Binomial Queues, Leftist Heaps, Randomized Heaps, and Skew Heaps. Select one of the choices from the choice box, and press the Start button. This will open a window in which the tree can be created.


To create and manipulate a heap, enter any integer in the text field in the upper left-hand corner, and press either the Put button to add that integer as a priority. Press the RemoveMax button to remove the maximum priority from the heap. The Back and Forward buttons allow you to move through the history of your heap construction. The Clone button opens a new window with an exact copy of the tree and history in your current window; the tree in this window can then be manipulated independently.

It is possible, for a variety of reasons, that the above applet might not run on your browser. For this reason (or others), you might wish to download the applet and run it as an application. As long as you have the JavaTM SE Runtime Environment (which can be downloaded from the Oracle® Software Downloads page) installed, there are two ways to do this:

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