Syllabus for CIS 575, Introduction to Algorithm Analysis, Fall 2005

Professor: Rod Howell

TA: Scott Harmon

Required Textbook:

Algorithms: A Top-Down Approach, R. Howell, 3rd draft


Specifically, students are expected to have the following background:


Students should master the following knowledge and skills: In addition, students should become familiar with the following algorithm design techniques:



In addition, up to 10% extra credit may be awarded for feedback on the required text. In order to be considered for extra credit, feedback must be submitted prior to the final exam.

Homework will be assigned throughout the semester. Homework assignments may be submitted to either

Assignments submitted to any other person/location or after the due date will not be accepted.

The exams will be closed-book, though the use of a sheet of notes may be permitted. The final exam will be comprehensive.

Grades will be assigned according to the following grading scale:

Academic Honesty:

On all homework, projects, and exams, you will be expected to do your own work. According to the Undergraduate Honor System, on all assignments, examinations, or other course work undertaken by undergraduate students, the following pledge is implied, whether or not it is stated: "On my honor, as a student, I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this academic work."

For more information, please visit the Honor System web page at Also see my Guidelines on the Use of External Sources.

K-State Online

All assignments and other course materials will be distributed via K-State Online. Grade information may be accessed there, and announcements will be posted from time to time. Important class messages will be emailed to your KSU email accounts and posted as announcements. You must be enrolled in the course to access K-State Online.


Copyright © 2005, Rod Howell. This syllabus, all lectures for this course, and all lecture materials are copyrighted materials. During this course, students are prohibited from selling notes to or being paid for taking notes by any person or commercial firm without the express written permission of Rod Howell.

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