Because it is not ethical to use university computing resources for personal profit, after I retired from K-State (January, 1997)
and started a small consulting business, I moved my main website to
But if you came here expecting to find my "collection" of Liberty & Freedom Quotations,
just click on

Other educational "stuff" is also occasionally stored on this webpage.

-- Dr. Myron A. Calhoun, Professor Emeritus.
  ("Em er i' tus" - a disease of old academicians)

The BEST way to contact me is via telephone (785-539-4448).
If no one answers, leave a message on my answering machine.
Six boxes preserve our freedoms:  cash, soap, ballot, witness, jury, cartridge
Barbershop Tenor
Amateur Radio Operator (WØPBV)
Life Member of both the NRA and GOA

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