Christopher Zhong

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Computing and Information Sciences
Kansas State University

Nichols Hall, Room 324 H
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506
(785) 532-7833

czhong [at] k-state [dot] edu

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About Me

My name is Christopher Zhong, most people I know also call me Chris. I was born in Malaysia but moved to Singapore at the age of 10, of which I am a citizen now.

I came to United States in Spring 1999 for my undergraduate at Kansas State University. After receiving my B.S. in Computer Science in Spring 2002, I proceeded with the Masters program in Fall 2002. Unfortunately, after the first semester of my Masters program, I had to return to my home country to finish my remaining 6 months of National Service. National Service is the compulsory military service that every male Singaporean have to serve for at least 2 years. I was supposed to return after 6 months but was held back another 6 months due to the implementation of the new SEVIS system for international students. So, I returned to the Masters program in Spring 2004 and I completed my Masters in Spring 2006. Now, I am proceeding with the Doctorate program in Computer Science.


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Thesis Topic: Modeling Humans as Peers and Supervisor in Computing Systems through Runtime Models

Resources: Thesis (.pdf), Presentation (.pptx)


When I started looking for a thesis topic, I started out with two broad areas of interest: genetic programming and multiagent systems. I eventually decided to settled on the area of multiagent systems and decided to look for a specific topic.

At first, I wanted to try for an efficient general purpose reorganization algorithm for the Organization Model for Adaptive Systems. As my research progressed, I encountered a number of issues. So this eventually lead to my Masters thesis. The thesis is about an investigative research into reorganization algorithms for the Organization Model for Adaptive Systems.

Resources: Thesis (.pdf), Presentation (.ppt)