vi editor FAQ - Introduction

0.0 - Introduction -- How do I use this FAQ?

This document is broken into multiple sections. First, a general introduction and discussion of what vi is in sections 0 and 1. Section 2 is a collection of "novice" questions, questions that someone without much experience with vi might ask. These include the differences between command and insert mode, and continue ending with questions such as "How do I cut and paste?" Then, section 3 is geared toward the intermediate vi user. Starting with "How do I do a search and replace," and continuing onward from there, until it finally ends with a discussion of vi macros. Also included is a vi quick reference. This should give a canonical list of vi commands. Next, is a list of :set commands, all of which can be put into a .exrc file to customize your editing environment.

The quick reference was confirmed on a machine running SunOS with the UCB distribution of vi. Each command should work under System V and UCB versions of vi other than the one shipped with SunOS, but I have not personally confirmed this.

Unless otherwise specified this document assumes that you are in command mode.

An attempt was made to retain much of the terminology used in the original vi documentation, wherever it did not seem to confuse more than necessary.

0.1 - Index

0.2 - Can I distribute this FAQ?

Yes, as long as you do not alter it in any fashion, or charge any money for it.

0.3 - What can you do to help out with this faq?

First, send me any errors that you may find. Also, any suggestions that you might have are also appreciated. Better yet, anything that you think is unclear. Also, use vi! Spread the word! I'm sorry I can't list everyone who has contributed to this faq, as many, many people have given me advice and helped out, but I fear if I were to, the list of contributers would become as long as the document itself.
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