Welcome to Brad Hajek's Home Page

School Links

Kansas State University - university website
KSU Department of Computing and Information Sciences - department website

Work Links

Arsalon Technologies
Resume: doc pdf (Last updated 05 Jul 2004)

Book Links

Dragonmount - great website for news about WoT-related stuff
Official Dune Website - official website for the Dune novels
Robert Jordan - Tor Books' official website for Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series
wotmania - another great site for WoT fans

Software Links

Hikarunix - a Linux LiveCD for Go lovers
Kubuntu - KDE based Linux distro
Mozilla - secure open source browser and mail client
OpenBSD - the most secure OS in the world
OpenOffice - a decent open source office suite
The OpenCD - a downloadable CD full of open-source software

Other Links

American Go Association - official organization for US Go players
Astronomy Picture of the Day - lots of great pictures, both terrestrial and extraterrestrial
Electronic Frontier Foundation - fighting to protect your digital rights
GoBase - information, study tools, and games for the wonderful game of Go
Hearts of Space - Slow Music for Fast Times
Space Weather - news and information about the Sun-Earth environment
The Planetary Society - updates on society projects, newsletter