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Benjamin Beau Perry.

CISC 220 (data structures) Delaware students for Summer of 2011, go here for the class web site.

I am a computer scientist, musician/composer, piano teacher, avid gamer, and a PhD student at the University of Delaware. (I passed the prelims! YAY!)

My previous position was as a software engineer with Cisco in Boxborough, Massachusetts. I was part of the Tech Center, which was an R&D group investigating new and upcoming technologies. I had applied data mining and AI to various industry fields. Previous to that, I worked as a senior software scientist at Quantum Leap Innovations, a small company in Newark, Delaware. I researched and applied multiagent systems and probabilistic reasoning techniques.

I've also worked as a research programmer for the KDD group at KSU and as a web application developer for 4H in Kansas. I focused on Bayesian network programming in Java and server-side web applications in ASP.

I've been playing the piano since I was seven and programming since I was eight back in my home town of Topeka, Kansas, where I went to Seaman High School. I used to offer piano lessons in Delaware, but alas, life happens, and we had to move to a different state.

I am married to the world's greatest woman, Jessica Perry. We've been married since 1999. We met in Junior High and somehow managed to stick together all that time. For reasons completely unimaginable by me, she agreed to marry me and has since made me the most happiest and most complete person anyone could possibly be!

We have a cute little dog named Yankee. Yankee is part Pembroke Welsh Corgi and part spawn of evil. But he is a great pet regardless of his spurts of evilness.

Jessica Perry and Ben Perry
Jessica Perry and Ben Perry

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